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Your house is looked after

Someone lives in your house when you are not there. Very reassuring. A safe feeling. As professional dog sitter I do small house hold chores. Like vacuuming, watering plants, empty the mailbox and dealing with trash.

Dogs staying in their own place

Some dogs are not easy to send elsewhere. It can be a behavioral issue, a traumatic experience or circumstances that don’t fit. For example living in a kennel. These dogs are better off being taken care of in the own territory.

Professional guidance

I am a professional when it comes to dogs and their behavior. I know what they need. More physical or rather mental challenge? Cuddling or beter a bit more distance? I have the knowledge and experience and can give dogs what they need.

What an excellent help Monique was for us at a busy end of work year. She took responsibility for our 5 dogs, including the very energetic young ones that need constant walking. She has a lot of skill with dogs and behavior management but only in the kindest way. She truly loves dogs and this was very valued. Monique has a big personality and is great for chatting but also good at being independent as she need to work on her online business too. She understands good time management and is direct as to what she likes.
Brent & Pippa | New ZealandOwners 5 Whippets
Monique was a pleasure to host she has a bubbly personality and great organisational skills as well as being a dog whisperer doing great behavioural work with my dog Monty. She was a great asset to the farm and is a very giving person. Thank you so much Monique we miss you but safe journeys and hope to see you again!!!
Kay | New ZealandOwner Monty


I am Monique Appels, born in 1964 and a dog professional since 2002. Trained as a canine instructor and behaviorist.

I had a dog walking service, several dog training schools and helped over 300 dog owners with their dogs behavioral problems. I sold dog food and was a chief editor for a dog magazine in The Netherlands.

Twice I was a foster mom for puppies who were trained to be guide dogs for the blind. I worked as a volunteer for the Dutch Animal Safety Organization, at animal shelters in New Zealand, the Caribbean and Portugal and as a dog trainer and care taker on a sled dog farm in Finland.

In my life I had several retrievers (Labrador and Golden), an Alaskan malamute,  Pyreneese mountain dog and Siberian husky.

I live a nomadic lifestyle and travel around the world. I speak Dutch, English, German and some basic Norwegian. I have a driver’s license but no car.

When we came home from our holiday, we found Monique and our content dogs. Very relaxed. It was good to know that we could rely on Monique giving them what they needed. Even with different food and medicine. Frequently we received pictures and movies of their walkings together. We have hired Monique many times already. We really recommend her.
Rino & Ans | The NetherlandsOwners 5 Jack Russel terriers


1. Contact me if you are interested in hiring me.
2. We get acquainted through Skype or FaceTime.
3. If we agree on the terms I send you a confirmation.
4. You pay me 4 weeks in advance.


Daily rate: 1 dog  (and 1 cat): € 50
Daily rate: 2 dogs (and 1/2 cats): € 100
Other small pets: negotiable
Daily rates include travel days